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Our Team.

Molinari Insurance Agency was established in 1983 by Dennis Sr. and is still an active provider to the business and community. Dennis Jr. has been part of the agency for over 15 years and has a dedicated passion for the risk management business. 

Our Mission.

Molinari Insurance Agency was established in 1983 with the goal of creating a local independent service based insurance agency, and this is what we're focused upon, this is what we're giving our energy to, this is what we actually care enough about to manifest in the community and the world. The service side of business has evolved into one computerized prompt after the next, but you will not find that here. We are here live, to respond with diligence and expertise ensuring that you leave the conversation knowing you understand the coverage and protection you are paying for. 


Care generates our experience, and it is the driving force of our thoughts and actions. Caring has driven me to find the knowledge to understand the purpose of an independent agency and with that knowledge I have acted on it and put it into practice. The foundation of our agency was built on those steps. Care, to treat clientele as they are our family. Knowledge, to educate clientele and explain the lines of coverage so our understanding can be one in the same. Action, to create a personal customer experience that works for you. 

Partners We Support

We are honored to partner with organizations in New England:


Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association. 

Shrewsbury Men's Soccer team of Central MA Adult Soccer League

8 Fold Athletics of Shrewsbury MA 

Mon-Thu: 8:30-5:00   Friday: 8:30-4:00

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